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Berina's Restaurant & Grill

Berina's Restaurant & Grill is tucked away in an industrial area of Mississauga, right off Highway 403. It's worth the trip to taste one of the few places that serves Bosnian food in the GTA.

Hassan, the owner and chef, is clearly passionate about his food. He sources his meat from a local halal butcher, makes sausages and kebabs from scratch, and bakes fresh bread daily in his stone oven. Judging by the menu, Bosnian cuisine revolves around meat, meat, and more meat - with some bread and pastries as accompaniments.

At the restaurant, we ordered the mixed grill platter. It came with tender and fatty ground lamb/beef kebabs (cevapi), ground beef patties topped with feta (pljeskavica), chicken breast kebabs, grilled beef sausages, and juicy lamb chops. We also had the burek, a minced meat pie made with phyllo pastry. 

Everything is fresh and packed with meaty flavor. For those who like a little sweetness with their meat, you can slather on a red pepper sauce that tastes like gourmet ketchup. Even the French fries get the homemade treatment here, as Hassan fries hand-cut white potatoes until they're crisp on the outside and floury on the inside. 

Be prepared to wait for the food as it takes time to grill - but given that everything is made from scratch, it's worth the wait. 

Berinas Restaurant and Grill

889 Panterra Avenue, Mississauga, 905.206.0607