Pow Wow Cafe

Pow Wow Café is a snug spot in Kensington Market that serves up tacos on Ojibway-style frybread. We recently had a Foodies of Colour meetup there, to get a taste of Chef Shawn Adler’s food. His menu features crisp frybread loaded with different kinds of toppings - some inspired by his indigenous heritage, like the beef chili frybread that was common is his Ojibway community; and others are riffs are international flavours, like the chicken shawarma taco. The tacos were a hit, and full of great texture and flavor. I hear that Pow Wow has an excellent brunch on weekends, and the rest of the menu is fantastic as well - the salmon croquettes, soup, and more.

Chef Shawn himself is a big presence in the cozy restaurant - he is clearly passionate about the food he makes, and has some amazing stories to tell - including the one where he travelled to Japan on vacation, and ended up staying to open up the country’s first indigenous taco pop-up restaurant. This is his sixth restaurant project, and he has many more plans in the works. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the chef.