Altona Iranian Kabob

Altona Kabab  is in a non-descript strip mall at Yonge and Finch, surrounded by Iranian grocers and stores. It's got flourecent lighting, a few chairs and tables, and a long buffet of stews and salads behind a glass counter. Your best bet is to pick out your choice of meat (chicken, beef, lamb, fish) and get it with a side of rice and the requisite middle-eastern grilled tomato. 

We had the koobideh platter, a ground kabab of beef/lamb, plus a grilled chicken platter. The meat is flavourful and seasoned well. It could have been just an itsy bit juicer, but the charcoal grill flavour makes up for any dryness. 

We also had a lentil and lamb stew laced with dried limes. The tangy and sour limes are an amazing complement to a fairly straightforward stew. The rice in dishes was excellent - perfectly cooked grains flavoured with saffron. Whoever cooks the rice and keep its from clumping or getting dry is an absolute genius. Speaking from experience, it's not an easy thing to do. 

All in all, Altona Kabob is a great pit stop for quick-serve Iranian kabobs and I would go back there again. 

Altona Kabob, 647.348.1067, 6099 Yonge St (North York)