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T.O.'s first Nutella Roti 

I love nutella, and I love roti. I always wondered why no one had thought to put those two things together. If we do it with crepes, why not with roti? It's the perfect wrap for Nutella (then again, you can put Nutella on anything and it'll tasted good). 

I checked in with a few roti places in the city, and no one had it on the menu. I googled it, and found that it was a thing in Thailand, but didn't seem to be a thing in North America. 

So I decided to convince a restaurant to serve Nutella roti, and introduce them to the dish. A friend of mine recommended that I speak to Sheila, the chef and owner of Caribbean Bistro. I brought in a jar of Nutella, told her about the idea, and she happily made me a tester. It was great. 

It's now on her secret menu, and if you want nutella roti in Toronto, just pop by Sheila's Caribbean Bistro. Sheila has been in the restaurant industry for over two decades, and unfortunately, her business is struggling - its not an easy job, but she seems to love it. If you can, go out and support her restaurant and try some Nutella roti for the first time. 

Caribbean Bistro, 1708 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, 416.781.7777