Diner's Corner

Diner’s Corner is a cozy West Indian neighbourhood spot off of Yonge street. My co-worker recommended a few things off the menu, and I got to try at least one dish that I’ve never had before. 

The appetizer platter was my first introduction to Jamaican festival– deep fried crunchy dough balls that are a little sweet and soft on the inside. Delicious! It also came with fried plantains, which I’m not a fan of, but I’m sure they were good.

We also ordered the fruit punch, a non-alcoholic thirst-quencher that tasted of sprite and a cocktail of other fruit juices. A very sweet, cold drink. The brown stewed chicken platter came with chicken pieces, rice and beans, salad, and a festival on the side. The chicken was fried, and cooked in a dark and savoury sauce, something like a home-made thin gravy with chicken bits. The rice and beans were creamy, and great to soak up the sauce with.

I also tried the jerk chicken, and it was perfectly seasoned, moist and a little smoky. None of that fast-food, processed sugary jerk chicken that you get at Ritz chain (not to hate on Ritz, you’re great for those cold winter days when I don’t want to venture far from the office). But like my co-worker said, Ritz is the McDonald’s version of Jamaican food – for the real thing, go to Diner’s Corner.

Diner's Corner is a mall, unassuming place off of Yonge street that has a patio for warmer weather. It’s the kind of place you come for a long, lounging type of meal – but for a quick lunch, you can always order ahead and they’ll have it ready for you. 

Diner’s Corner, 3 Gloucestor street (off Yonge), 416.929.7031