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Kal & Mooy

The new developers at Honest Ed's are building a massive residential centre that is going to have a new food market below it. The developers recently brought together a group of urban planners, foodies, and local artisans to solicit ideas on what the market could look like (the building is set to be finished in 2020). When the organizers of the event asked me for recommendations on catering the event, I told them to go straight to Kal and Mooy - one of my favorite Somali caterers in the city. 

Kal & Mooy started as Toronto's first Somali food truck, and now they have a Queen West location and a catering business. I'm a huge fan of their cuisine - it's comfort food that centers around meat stews and rice, but it also has a whole range of other dishes that incorporate vegetables, beans, and flatbreads. 

For this event, Kal and Mooy catered beef sughar, a stir-fry of braised beef, onions, and peppers. They also brought in an excellent curried squash, green beans, and carrot dish; and a quinoa salad as well. The carb selection included chapati, a flatbread that's lightly fried like a pancake; and a rice dish with sultanas, shredded carrot, and a giant cinnamon stick to flavour it. For dessert, there was a bag of mini crunchy donut-like pastries. I could have eaten the entire bag, it was that good. 

Aisha Mohamed, the chef-owner of Kal & Mooy (she runs it with her husband Ahmad Duale) delivered the food herself, and was on hand to chat with people about the dishes. I'd highly recommend Kal & Mooy for their catering. They're affordable, delicious, and deliver their food with a very personal touch. 

Kal and Mooy, 238 Queen West, 647.463.4626

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