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Khan Murjan buffet

Iraqi restaurants in the GTA are still pretty unusual, and I went to Khan Murjan Cafe in search of some hard-to-find traditional Iraqi dishes.

It’s located in a little strip mall in Erin Mills, Mississauga a.k.a the Middle East (right next door is also a middle eastern supermarket). The restaurant isn’t just a cafe – it serves up a substantial buffet of classic Iraqi dishes like masqouf  (grilled fish with honey), kibbeh hamoud (rice and beef patties in tomato sauce), mahshi (vegetables stuffed with rice and meat), and the requisite pan-Arab dish of lamb with rice.  

The food at the buffet didn’t make for pretty pictures – but it makes up for that in flavour. I really enjoyed this meal and the cafe is an excellent ambassador for Iraqi cuisine.  The best part was that we stuffed ourselves for only 15 dollars each.

Khan Murjan Cafe and Bakery, 1675 The Chase, Mississauga, 905.820.5700

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