About the author

Aisha Silim is a food-obsessed writer based in Toronto, and is originally from the Yemeni diaspora of East Africa. Her ancestors left Hadhramaut, Yemen in the mid 20th century because they got tired of the food shortages, and have been global nomads ever since. In her previous career, she was a Middle East journalist and came to Toronto via Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., and England.

Aisha has an interest in issues of  food, race, and gender; and loves showcasing the restaurants of immigrants and people of colour in this city. She is also the founder of the Foodies of Colour network.

The name of the blog comes from two of her favorite ingredients: salt, which she sprinkles liberally on everything; and saffron, a spice that she grew up with.

Aisha can be reached at foodiesofcolour@gmail.com.