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Rickshaw Bar

Chef Noureen Feerasta's menu focuses on South Asian and South East Asian cuisine, while drawing on her Ismaili roots for inspiration. She's opened up shop on Queen West, and is serving up some amazing food.

The menu is mostly tapas-style dishes, and we picked a few to share. First off was the open-faced Paratha chicken tacos. The paratha bread was crispy and buttery, and it was topped with small morsels of chicken, pickled purple cabbage, cucumber, and jalapeno. I liked this dish, and wished there was more of the juicy chicken bits.

Second, we got the Pakora Fritters, which were shreds of fried potato and green apple, along with a green chutney. This was so good that I was tempted to order a second plate. 

For the mains, we had the Ismaili beef curry and Makai curry. The beef curry had really tender pieces of meat and potato swimming in a smooth and mild curry sauce. This curry is different from the usual South Asian curry, and is influenced by the chef's heritage. It's the kind of curry you'll find in Ismaili communities in Uganda and Kenya, and marries Indian cooking styles with a milder East African flavours. 

The Makai curry was the star of the night. I've never tasted anything like it before. It's vegetable and coconut curry with whole pieces of corn, eggplant, and fried chickpeas. The combination of  white rice, creamy coconut sauce, and crispy chickpeas make for really unique explosions of flavour. 

Rickshaw Bar might just be the best restaurant I've been to in a while, and I'm excited it's joined the Queen West scene.

Rickshaw Bar, 685 Queen West, 647.352.1227

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